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Oxbow Kids

Explore the ministry opportunities for your child at Oxbow

Kids Ministry at Oxbow

At Oxbow Lake our kids (infant through 6th grade) experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way.


There is nothing more important than having your child in church from the time they can open their eyes. They soak up everything like a sponge.


It is amazing to realize what a child learns by watching, listening and singing with the adults they are surrounded by.
That is a good reason to have our young ones in a Christian classroom setting learning Bible stories and songs that teach all about how Jesus loves them and how he gave his life on Calvary for them.


Educating them of their need for a risen Saviour! How innocent and accepting of Jesus they truly are!

Your First Visit

Here's what to expect when visiting us for the first time:


First, find one of our greeters at the front door. There we will meet your family, check your child in, and then one of our volunteers or you can lead your child to their age-appropriate room.


Upon checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information (NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone):


  • Parent/guardian name(s)

  • Child's name

  • Child's birthdate

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your children

Let us know who's coming by clicking the button below.

How Check-In Works

Before Sunday school

Beginning at 9:45 am, classes are open, and teachers are ready to receive your children. 

Before the Main Service

After Sunday School (around 10:45 am), you are welcome to pick up your child and bring them to the main service, or they can attend Children's Church.


Here they have their own worship service designed to meet them where they are in their walk with Jesus.


During Service

We offer an infant nursery for 0-18 months and a toddler nursery for children up to 3 years.


Please leave your contact info with the trained attendants in the nursery so they can reach you if needed.

Got Questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Kids Ministry or visiting Oxbow with children, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!

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